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Our multiple rating services drive improved transparency, compliance and efficiency. Consumers rate advisers, advisers rate service providers, and Adviser Ratings rates advisers and advice licensees. The combination of crowd-sourced opinions by consumers and advisers, supplemented by industrial quality rating systems by Adviser Ratings on advisers and licensees, will ultimately make financial advice more accountable, accessible and affordable for all and foster valuable outcomes for all participants.

  • Adviser & Robo Adviser Ratings

    • Advisers (human & robo) are rated by their customers by completing a customer satisfaction survey.
    • The results of each review are displayed while also aggregated to produce an average score.
    • Customers are able to leave a comment with the adviser having a right of reply.
    • Adviser Ratings also assigns a score to all advisers based on a number of factors.
    • These scores translate into quality badges that complement the customer satisfaction score
    • Adviser assessments should be made after consideration of both outcomes.
  • Adviser and Robo Adviser Ratings
  • Licensees Ratings (Coming Soon)

    • The Royal Commission identified a pervasive pattern of poor governance amongst the largest licensees.
    • We are building a unique rating system on advice licensees working with UNSW and our own data teams.
    • We have had tremendous support and input from Treasury, regulators, consumer legal groups, advice licensees, and industry associations.
    • The ratings will assess the cultural and operating environment of a licensee to ensure advisers are supported to provide service in the best interests of their clients
    • The service will be similar to a Standard & Poor’s rating but assessing likely quality of advice not credit risk, and will synthesise multiple factors to form an opinion, including assessment of public and 3rd party procured data and direct engagement with licensees.
    • For objective and expert oversight of our licensee rating system, we appointed an External Ratings Committee and expert advisory group in February 2019.
    • For more detail and the latest update on development of our licensee rating service
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  • Licensees Ratings
  • Service Providers Ratings (Coming Soon)

    • Available through the Adviser Marketplace.
    • Advisers are able to rate individual service providers that they have experienced.
    • Ratings will be based on customised questions specific to each category.
    • Advisers are able to leave a comment with the service provider having a right of reply.
    • The results of each review are displayed while also aggregated to produce an average score.
    • Service providers will be compared and rank ordered within their specialised categories
  • Service Providers Ratings

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