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Wealth sector service providers have relied on large sales teams and traditional marketing methods to manage relationships with financial advisers and licensees. However, the rapid fragmentation of the advice industry is disrupting these long-held relationships, loyalties, and product and service expectations. With pressure to grow revenues while constraining expenses, distribution teams recognise that they have to leverage data to more efficiently remain abreast of the channel’s changing requirements and to more accurately target the right audience. Meanwhile, new regulatory obligations under the Design & Distribution Obligations legislation compel financial product manufacturers to better understand how advisers and licensees are placing their products with consumers.

Adviser Ratings has the richest and most current source of intelligence on the retail financial advice ecosystem to help firms stay in touch and to perform sophisticated profiling and segmentation for smarter targeting of advisers and advice businesses. The service is highly customisable to suit any scope and is delivered via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) or application programming interface (API) into client customer relationship management systems, business intelligence tools, or enterprise risk management systems.

  • Distribution

    • Contact lists combined with granular insights data and analytics allowing product manufacturers and other service providers to target marketing spend and reduce costs.
    • The Adviser Ratings data sets are being used by a variety of service providers for other business needs too including strategy, market sizing, product development, resource planning, and M&A.
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  • Distribution
  • Nightingale API

    The Nightingale API is the next evolution in the way Adviser Ratings generates and distributes the Nightingale dataset. The API was built from the ground up as a solution to serve Nightingale’s data in a JSON format so that it can represent the data and relationships as they are in the real world, without the limitations of being in a CSV or Excel format. Additionally, the API also provides deltas for each of the main endpoints so that you may view only what has changed between two datasets.

  • Licensee Compliance Manager
  • Fund Flow Management

    Adviser Ratings can transform your fund flow data management and reporting processes. We focus on providing Sales and Marketing outcomes by taking all manual work from the team and delivering fund flow insights across all dimensions e.g. adviser, licensee, platform, fund and region. By integrating the fund flows into your CRM alongside sales team activities, marketing campaigns and pipeline management, we bring all client interactions and outcomes together. More information on our process is below.

  • Licensee Compliance Manager
  • CRM Management

    A high-performing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is crucial to Sales and Marketing success. We can support your team by providing tactical, specialist and flexible CRM support. When we work together on a long-term agreement we become an extension of the sales and marketing team, which means we can anticipate your needs and respond quickly to new opportunities and business changes.

  • Licensee Compliance Manager
  • Compliance

    The Adviser Ratings data sets on advisers, advice firms and licensees can be applied in a variety of ways by wealth organisations to protect their organisations including:

    • Licensee. Identify potential consumer complaints or adviser breaches by leveraging customer satisfaction ratings on advisers
    • Licensee. Reduce regulatory risk by monitoring a range of critical information on the advice practices and their directors operating under the advice license
    • Super Fund. Install stronger controls for acceptance of third party authorisations from advisers seeking to become the nominated representative of super fund members
    • Fund Manager. Improve knowledge on suitability of investment products sold to consumers by understanding the adviser’s investment process and customer base.
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  • Licensee Compliance Manager
  • Data Cleansing

    • Service providers with legacy software systems, weak data controls, and reliance on inefficient manual processes generally experience poor quality customer information.
    • The data sets, analytic capabilities and cleansing tools that Adviser Ratings has developed can be deployed to help wealth organisations improve the integrity of their data management systems. This is an entirely bespoke service with many applications:
      • Cleaning adviser contact databases to establish single adviser views
      • Filling gaps in contact information and ensuring information on the associated practices / licensees is correct
      • Merging multiple adviser databases together in the event of company acquisitions or where multiple divisions within larger organisations are collaborating
  • Data Cleansing

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