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Our marketplaces help our consumer, adviser and service provider customers source their ideal solution and importantly generate much of the valuable data that feeds our other products and services. These three customer groups comprise our three-sided digital marketplace. The goal of all marketplaces is for the additional presence on one side of the marketplace to stimulate the additional participation from another side(s) which then justifies even further initial participation (commonly called the “network effect” - participation breeds participation).

  • Find An Adviser
    (Human & Robo)

    • Like the “Trip Advisor” of financial advice, our consumer portal allows individuals to find, compare and rate financial advisers.
    • While the site displays all 26,000 advisers in Australia, currently 5,000 advisers (25% of the active market) have “claimed” their profile and are leveraging the platform to communicate with consumers.
    • Our 2020 objective is to achieve 10,000 claimed adviser profiles.
    • There are over 20,000 consumer reviews of advisers on the website.
    • This is a free service for consumers and advisers. The absence of fees helps encourage higher traffic but is also important to remove the perceptions around conflict of interest that plague traditional lead-generation websites - supporting our values of trust, transparency and objectivity.
    • Adviser Ratings has released the Digital Adviser (often called a robo adviser or provider of “Smart Tools”) component of the platform - there are 43 offerings currently presented.
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  • Find An Adviser
  • Adviser Marketplace
    (Coming Soon)

    • Akin to the Amazon of the wealth management industry, all service providers are presented to advisers for easy comparison and crowd-sourced opinions from peers.
    • Built especially for advisers leaving major wealth institutions for smaller organisations or under future individual licensing regimes who now have more personal responsibility to research and select service providers to use in their business.
    • We anticipate over 1,000 companies spanning at least 20 vendor categories will be ultimately profiled on this marketplace. For the first time, financial advisers and service providers will be able to come together in an on-line real-time environment.
    • A unique opportunity for service providers to promote their businesses to advisers and licensees while receiving quality feedback through ratings.
    • For financial product manufacturers, it helps them meet their new regulatory obligations under the Design & Distribution Obligations legislation by understanding how advisers and licensees are placing their products with consumers.
  • Adviser Marketplace
  • Education Hub
    (Coming Soon)

    • The Education Hub will help advisers meet their new regulatory obligations to obtain tertiary qualifications and ongoing professional development.
    • More than 70% of existing advisers will need to complete at least some level of tertiary study (and complete by 2024), while all advisers have to complete 40 hours of ongoing professional development study each year.
    • Advisers will be able to source and purchase FASEA approved courseware in one central marketplace.
    • Advisers will also be able to rate courses and therefore rely on the crowd-sourced ratings of other advisers.
    • All education data will be recorded and contribute to our adviser and licensee ratings.
    • For education providers, it simplifies the considerable challenges of selling their programs into a complex and geographically dispersed industry.
    • All programs will be provided by third parties, with the ongoing professional development content also contributed to by licensees and product manufacturers
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  • Education Hub

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